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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Racism from so-called "progressives" at The University of Ottawa

Segregating white and non-white students may sound like an outdated idea, but that is what executives from the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa planned for their event to combat racism, In My Skin, to be held March 4.
The event sought to foster two conversations, according to its student union organizers: one on white privilege and another on being racialized and discriminated against. When it was posted on Facebook, there was a backlash from students who called it racist because it would split students into different rooms based on skin colours. SFUO removed the event posting and modified their plans but some students are still planning to petition that the organizer be impeached...

More at Macleans

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The Hammer said...

Guess they missed the part where the biggest fight against racism in North American history was to END segregation.

mrzee said...

They've probably never studied ancien history, i.e. anything before PM Trudeau.