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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel

The usual hateful, biased media suspects are railing about how Rob Ford was "mocked" and "embarrassed" but if you actually watch the videos below, which are Ford's complete appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last night, you'll see he comported himself well, gave a great promo for Toronto, and that Kimmel genuinely likes and seems to respect him.

Rob Ford has delivered most of what he promised as mayor and he certainly didn't lie about his policies, only to change them once in office. That if nothing else makes him stand out from his political rivals and opponents.


Skippy Stalin said...

His Worship seems to feel differently. No sooner was he off the air than he and Dougie called their personal stenographer Joe Warmington and bitched about being "set up."

Richard K said...

Yeah, I noticed that, Skippy and thought it was a bit odd. Sure that last bit about 'getting help' was condescending, but as someone who has worked in Hollywood in the entertainment business, I thought it went pretty well over all.