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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A society of murderous ghouls: The Most Disturbing Of All Palestinian Reactions To Kidnapping

They've got their children celebrating the kidnapping of 3 Israeli teens by terrorists:

More HERE and HERE

h/t Meir W


Anonymous said...

Great story - except it's not true. http://blogs.forward.com/forward-thinking/200361/twisting-a-palestinians-three-finger-salute/

Anonymous said...

I posted a link to an article that refuted this claim but you haven't approved the comment. Why don't you admit that you're just a propagandist hack with no respect for facts or even a smidgen of integrity?

Richard K said...

I don't always publish idiotic, deceitful comments from pathetic, gutless morons who leave them anonymously. In your case you evidently were too stupid to read everything in the link you left, which claimed that some of those pictures were old ones promoting a singer on some Arab version of American Idol. But even the useful idiots at The Forward had to admit others were indeed of children who, like Hamas wants, have adopted the three finger symbol as a taunt about the kidnapping of the 3 teenagers. Or for your benefit, here's a quote from your own source: "The issue here is not about whether or not there are actually people who support kidnapping. There are most definitely people saying and doing hateful things: Not all of these photos were taken out of context."

So since you are enough of an idiot to come back and rant about it again, I've posted your comments. No wonder an imbecile like you posts anonymously. But don't bother to try to put up another comment until that unlikely-to-come-day you grow the balls to do it without hiding behind anonymity.