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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The bad news is that it's pretentious, amateurish and profoundly stupid; the good news is that it has naked college chicks

An awful, pretentious student film that looks like a typical student film was produced at Columbia University and seeks to parody college initiation rites. "According to creators Coco Young and Karley Sciortino, “Initiation explores the rituals of American Ivy League secret societies, to the point of hysteria, highlighting our culture’s perception of female desire.”

The film is so ridiculously dreadful that it could conceivably be a joke that parodies the awfulness of student films. Speaking of parody, the silly, university-oriented London Tab 's art critic Matt McDonald tried to outdo the terrible short film in nonsensical, masturbatory pretentiousness with his comment that it is  “Reminiscent of the pioneering shorts from the feminist avant garde movement, Young presents a Bacchanalian dystopia encased within an academic framework. The motif of hairless birds is particularly powerful in conveying bourgeois approaches to intellectual fertility."

But on the plus side, it has some semi-naked college girls in it.

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Anonymous said...

At this point it's a toss-up whose parents will be more disappointed; theirs, or the chick that became a porn star to pay for college.