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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Iran’s ‘anti-Canada rhetoric’ has officials on guard for possible Ottawa area terror attacks

Noting Iran’s rising “anti-Canada rhetoric,” intelligence officials have been monitoring the Islamic republic as a potential terrorist threat to the Ottawa area, newly declassified documents show.
While the diplomatic falling out between Ottawa and Tehran is well-known, the intelligence reports are the first indication the Canadian government is tracking the possibility it could lead to terrorism in the capital.
The reports, written by the Integrated Terrorist Assessment Centre, do not specify the exact nature of the threat Tehran may pose to the Ottawa region but in the past Iran has used its proxy force, Hezbollah, to attempt attacks internationally.

George Galloway, the repugnant Iranian lackey and terrorist-funder occupying a seat in the UK's House of Commons, has previously implicitly threatened terror attacks against Canada on Hezbollah's behalf. (Listen to the video below from the 5:36 point.)

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