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Friday, June 6, 2014

D-Day's 70th Anniversary

The allied landings at Normandy were the beginning of the end for Hitler's Germany.

I grew up with and around people who had lived through and fought in World War 2. Sadly, most of them are gone now, but their bravery, and in particular that of those who didn't make it back home from the fight against the evils of Nazism, should never be forgotten.


RobertW said...

Thank goodness most of them are not around to see the tyranny that has taken hold in the US. I suspect most of them would be heartbroken and wonder what they had actually fought and died for.

Anonymous said...

This sums it up best: "It detracts nothing from the magnificent valor of Allied troops fighting in France to put their effort in the broader context of the war. By the time of the Normandy landings, the Soviet Union had fought the Axis invaders for almost four years."


Richard K said...

Oh yeah, the Soviets who were the other side of the Hitler/Stalin Pact and who invaded Poland from the East when Hitler did it from the west.

Astoundingly stupid article from a left-over communist. The British and Allies had been fighting the Nazis and Imperial Japanese since 1939, the Americans joined in in 1941, fighting the Japanese in the Pacific and the Germans in Italy before the D-Day landings. Yes, the Soviet Army fought bravely against Hitler after he double-crossed Stalin and invaded the Soviet Union. Then after the war, the communists imposed their own tyranny on Eastern Europe for another half-century.