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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Doing Pride with Skippy Stalin

The Toronto Gay Pride festival is on now, and I'm proud to say I introduced the notorious blogger Skippy Stalin (who isn't in any of these photos) to his first Pride ever. I've been going since the early 80's. Yikes!

We hit up a few bars but spent most of our time in a lesbian hang-out on Church St., just north of Wellesley St.

Skippy took these pictures of me and the friends I made on Saturday night, and they speak pretty much for themselves. Or maybe they don't...

Needless to say, much alcohol was consumed and much fun was had...


gama said...

Richard who were you wearing ?
Love the retro-shirt, where do you shop ~!?!

Richard K said...

The photos don't do her justice, but that was a very, very pretty - and as you can see from the pic where she's holding her ankle high above her head - very flexible dancer we met.

The shirt is from Old Navy's Hawaiian line. There are little pineapples and pictures of the big island on it, along with some nautical symbols.