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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Olivia Chow wins sweepstakes for mealy-mouthed statement about mentally unbalanced antisemites of "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid"

 Scaramouche has the low-down on the race to be the biggest moral equivocator.

Displaying her usual mental acuity, such as she has any, Olivia Chow wins by five lengths.

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Anonymous said...

But she studied fine arts, says she is a sculptor and is a socialist. And most important of all she was married to Jack Layton, who brought in socialised medicine, CPP, invented the computer and our national rail line!

Who better to manage a 9.6 billion dollar annual operating budget and even bigger annual capital budget?

She is the perfect pick for a 20-something downtown progressive brand new condo buyer who knows everything about everything?