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Monday, June 30, 2014

Palestinian Official: "When we murder Jewish children, it's the Jews' fault" or words to that effect


Abdul Gumby said...

Jews are to blame because Zionists invaded and stole Arab land.

And in the West Bank, the Israel military continues to rob Palestinians of their land and use terror to intimidate the populace.

When Japan invaded China, Chinese fought back.

When Germany invade Poland, the Poles fought back.

So, why shouldn't Palestinians fight back and get their revenge?

Pallies are like the Irish under British occupation and blacks under white rule in South Africa.

Jewish zionists are imperialist murderers.


Richard K said...

As many Jews as Arabs throughout the middle east were displaced when Israel came into being. Before that, it was the Arabs who commenced the pogroms against Jews, not the other way round. And as to "stolen land," why was it that when Jordan held the West Bank and East Jerusalem for 20 years, no Arab, Palestinians included, spoke about independence?

Because the plan, then as now, was to wipe out Israel.

The Palestinians could have had their own state over and over, but turned down offers because annihilating Jews apparently is more important to them than independence or anything else. So now murdering 3 kids and celebrating it like psychopathic ghouls is like the Chinese resisting Imperial Japan as far as the "pro-Palestinians" are concerned? That evil type of false moral equivalency is just more evidence of how depraved you people are.