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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

California judge rules statutes protecting incompetent teachers are unconstitutional

Is there a way we can get Judge Rolf Treu seconded to the Supreme Court of Canada...please!?!
California’s two biggest teacher unions lost the first round in the broadest court challenge yet to state laws protecting teachers’ jobs, setting the stage for what could be a lengthy appeal.
A state judge in Los Angeles yesterday ruled that statutes giving public school teachers lifetime employment after less than two years on the job and making it time-consuming and expensive to fire bad teachers are unconstitutional. The lawsuit was brought by a group of nine students backed by a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.
Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu in his tentative ruling found that low-income and minority students are disproportionately stuck with “grossly” ineffective teachers, leading him to conclude the challenged laws violate the students’ fundamental right to equality of education.

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Anonymous said...

It is about time this is challenged and hopefully taken apart.