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Friday, June 20, 2014

Matt Ridley: IPCC commissioned models to see if global warming would reach dangerous levels this century. Consensus is ‘no’

"Even if you pile crazy assumption upon crazy assumption, you cannot even manage to make climate change cause minor damage

The debate over climate change is horribly polarized. From the way it is conducted, you would think that only two positions are possible: that the whole thing is a hoax or that catastrophe is inevitable. In fact there is room for lots of intermediate positions, including the view I hold, which is that man-made climate change is real but not likely to do much harm, let alone prove to be the greatest crisis facing humankind this century.

After more than 25 years reporting and commenting on this topic for various media organizations, and having started out alarmed, that’s where I have ended up. But it is not just I that hold this view. I share it with a very large international organization, sponsored by the United Nations and supported by virtually all the world’s governments: the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) itself..."
More at The Financial Post

h/t Mr. Bilderberg

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Mr Bilderberg said...

What's with the Green Troll attacks on every FP Comment article that debunks their religion? Same people for years now.

Here is Matt's IdeaCity video: http://www.ideacityonline.com/video/new-perspective-climate-change-matt-ridley/