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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Calgary-based terrorist who went "boom" fit the profile

The myth that leftist terror-apologists try to perpetrate, that terrorists are driven by desperation, usually unravels upon examination. They are more often privileged fanatics driven by ideology and the hard-core, murderous version of Islam that is so prevalent in Pakistan, as was the Calgary-based terrorist who blew himself up in Iraq:
A suicide bomber who attacked an Iraqi army base last November was a Calgary business analyst who disappeared after his wife divorced him, friends said Wednesday amid rising concerns about the flow of Canadians to overseas terror groups.

Those who knew Salman Ashrafi in Calgary said they had lost all contact with him after he left Canada in late 2012. And now they know why: He apparently died seven months ago after detonating a car bomb north of Baghdad.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria posted his photo online in March, calling him Abu Abdullah Al Khorasani, but a Calgary Muslim community leader said the man was Ashrafi, a privileged Pakistani-Canadian.

"He seemed like a regular guy and he was one of those guys that actually had a career, had a wife," the man said.


truepeers said...

Must have been a great business analyst!

Immigrant Consultant said...

We need Justin as Prime Minister to ensure that for every Canadian militant who gets blown up overseas we let in at least two of their relatives, give them instant citizenship and a Canadian passport to make up for their family's loss.