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Monday, August 11, 2014

A home for insipid, Jew-hating, terror-supporting scum: The Green Party of Canada

No surprises here. The Green Party of Canada is a one-issue party and those imbeciles couldn't even manage to get a handle on that one issue.  But the bile that makes up what these incompetent clowns are really like has come out.

From former Green Party of Canada Presindent Paul Estrin:
...On July 25, I published a blog on the party’s website entitled “Why Gaza makes me sad.” My comments were moderate in nature. The essential point I conveyed was that I was, and still am, saddened by what is happening in Gaza. By highlighting Hamas’ cynical tactics, I was trying to show that the conflict is not black and white – a thesis in opposition to what other members of the party seemed to be suggesting. 
Sadly, my moderate article criticizing a violent terrorist group could not be tolerated by a majority of the party membership. The article was eventually removed from the website – there was apparently no room within the party for dialogue – but not before some online commenters issued threats about my personal safety...

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