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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Those renowned aficionados of comedy, Islamists and douchebag leftists, want to ban Joan Rivers from England

I get the feeling that this isn't going to cost Joan Rivers one cent in ticket sales. In fact, it will probably drive them up.

Here is what pissed of the Islamofascists and their slimy leftist enablers:


Skippy Stalin said...

If Joan Rivers isn't going to sell tickets, it'll be because she hasn't done anything remotely funny in nearly 30 years.

Cunty is fine, so long as it has a clever punchline. Joan is generally just cunty for the sake of it.

Comedians, like rock stars, are usually best off hanging it up early. And no, that isn't a Robin Williams joke, although it'd be a pretty good one.

Richard K said...

Joan's career has been going really well lately. Her routine on, as well as the rest of the stuff on her Comedy Central roast was great. You may not like her, but arguing funny is a lot like arguing whether blue is better than red or ketchup better than mustard.

Richard K said...

this is for you, Skippy - you might enjoy it!


Skippy Stalin said...

Gilbert's awesome.

Also, I miss Greg Giraldo.

Kathy Shaidle said...

Best Holocaust joke ever told? 3:27

At this point, Joan Rivers doesn't have to be funny, any more than Marlene Dietrich had to be beautiful at a certain age, or Frank Sinatra had to be able to sing. She's not quite at that level, but the idea is the same.

When Rivers' husband off'd himself, he left her tens of millions of dollars in debt. She vowed to pay it off by whatever means necessary and did. That's her most admirable accomplishment in my (very Scottish) opinion. She can do whatever she likes after that.