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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sleazy incumbent Toronto politicians mull rule that would help them get re-elected

Name recognition is one of the biggest factors in electability. Toronto's municipal politicians know that and how that factor gives a huge advantage to incumbents or previous office holders, like Olivia Chow. A lengthier campaign period also gives the public a better chance to get to know what the candidate actually are like and how their policies would affect the average person. Olivia Chow was leading the polls in Toronto's mayoral race before she announced her entry. But once people got to hear her, her campaign collapsed. So it's no surprise Chow and politicians like her want to restrict the public's opportunity to really get to know those who want political authority.

Hence the attempt by some Toronto politicians to limit their rivals' ability to compete by reducing the sign and campaign periods:
“This is just another attempt by incumbent politicians to limit the ability of newcomers and challengers to win an election and contest elections on a level playing field,” Thiele stated in (a)  press release. “Everybody knows that name recognition is important to winning an election and that lawn signs help electors identify with candidates.”
Mayoral candidate Olivia Chow shrugged off the proposed sign rule change.

Speaking of sleazy and Chow, see also: Chow campaign strategist apologizes for offensive tweet that suggests John Tory is a racist.

I thought political "Spin Masters" were supposed to limit damage caused when the candidate says or does something idiotic, not be the one saying idiotic things for which the campaign has to apologize and disassociate itself. But this too is an indication of the ineptitude and nastiness that is part of Chow's circle.

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