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Saturday, August 16, 2014

After going for years without any bestiality posts, I've had two in as many weeks now...

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —An Albuquerque woman was arrested Wednesday afternoon after, police said, she tried to poison her roommates when they discovered she had been having sex with two German shepherds. (Minor note - if you look at the video at the link, the dogs don't appear to me to be German shepherds)

Shari Walters, 53, was in the Bernalillo County Jail Thursday charged with aggravated battery, cruelty or extreme cruelty to animals, and assault with intent to commit a violent felony.
Walters’ criminal complaint says one of her roommates called the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office approximately two weeks ago and reported she had been poisoned.
The roommate says she previously caught Walters lying nude inside a shed on their property having sex with her dog, Spike, the complaint says.
h/t Blazing Cat  Fur - yeah, that's right, you go yell at him for my posting this ridiculous item!

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