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Monday, August 25, 2014

Guess who's running for Public School Board Trustee in Toronto's Ward 10?

Controversial and dashingly handsome blogger to seek Ward 10 TDSB Trustee position.


Anonymous said...

Justin Trudeau?

Oh no. He isn't controversial.

He agrees with whatever the group he is speaking to at the time believes and will support.

sanwin said...


Anonymous said...

Good Luck.

Please let sanity start at the grass roots with your successful election.

Folks just don't realize what direction government run institutionalized education has in store for the young.

There has to be a voice of sanity to rally the soma affected parents to the insanity cum norm dressed up as a co-parent.

Christ on a biscuit, I had that very same convo with a teacher at a kegger on the weekend where she did believe she was a co-parent, just because the kids under her tutelage were in her care. That assumed right of forming in the minds of children what are social norms rather than trying to applying the rules of social norms has crossed the Rubicon for the majority of teachers.

I got my revenge when she guessed my age lower than what it was and guessed hers higher than it was by using the same number.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Richard..