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Friday, August 22, 2014

Our inane, gutless media that calls sociopathic beheaders "militants" and "fighters"

Watching some of the media coverage about the vicious murder of activist journalist James Foley by an ISIS sociopath, I was thinking exactly what Sun News' Michael Coren describes in his monologue.  Watching the CBC and CNN describe the monster who commenced beheading Foley with a knife on camera as a "militant" and "ISIS fighter" was a sickening abuse of language that is the nadir of moral relativism and political correctness that has infected our culture like an Ebola of the mind.

"Terrorist." It's terrorist.

Be it ISIS or Hamas, these vile, evil murderers who sadistically torture and slowly, brutally kill in the name of their reprehensible religious ideology are terrorists. It's impossible to have respect for anyone in the supposedly free west who is afraid to say that.

1 comment:

truepeers said...

I prefer "savages". You just might get the CbC once in a while to say "terrorist" but you know their worldview is defeated when they recognize savagery.