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Monday, August 11, 2014

Still too stupid to be Prime Minister: Trudeau promise to help chiefs hide incomes treats band members as inferior to other Canadians

The job of an opposition leader is to oppose, and it could be argued that the role of the leader of a third party has the same duty, even more so. Still, the weekend announcement by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau that he would scrap the recently introduced First Nations Financial Transparency Act is curious in the extreme.

On a weekend visit to British Columbia, Mr. Trudeau told the Vancouver Sun: “Actually, I wouldn’t keep the legislation in place. I would work with First Nations to make sure that a proper accountability act that would have disclosed any excesses we see, but is done in a way that is respectful of the First Nation communities.”

The Liberal leader acknowledged he was pleased the act had revealed that one B.C. chief made more than $900,000 in pay for heading a band of about 85 people, but added: “You can have good outcomes out of bad things.” He suggested the act was being “used as a weapon” against government critics.

Mr. Trudeau has a history of making ill-considered remarks, and this would seem to richly deserve inclusion...

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