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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Can you imagine what the reaction would be if another candidate sent out a racist-sounding, divisive appeal like Olivia Chow's?

There's plenty in Olivia Chow's latest attempt to get money from supporters that reeks of nonsense.

But what is most ridiculous, racist and divisive is the line "I want to see someone leading our city who looks like the majority "

From Olivia Chow's most recent fundraising appeal:

Olivia is someone I felt I knew even before I ever met her. For me she represents the over 50% of our city as the new “majority”.

When I was President of the Black Business and Professional Association, I saw Olivia meet and talk to so many people representing our entire city. I know that Olivia is someone who gets things done!

Our city is an amazingly diverse place and our city council should reflect that fact!

I want to see someone leading our city who looks like the majority; who knows the ropes; who cares about and actually knows how the system works and who can work with all sides of the spectrum.

It is no longer about the right and the left, but who can bring all ideas to the table and get action.

Olivia makes sense on the transit file; she understands children’s issues; she understands the budget and most importantly she will make us proud again to be residents of Toronto.

Articulate. Literate. Caring. Savvy. Smart. And definitely not Bland.

My kind of woman to take the helm in our inclusive city of the future.

Join me in showing support for Olivia and pledge your vote today at oliviachow.ca/pledge

Thank you,
Sandra Whiting
Storyteller, event programmer, cultural and community developer


truepeers said...

Definitely not bland, eh Whiting!?

Anonymous said...

Storytelling is a career?