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Monday, August 25, 2014

I guess the previous Wendy's deal means were not really closer to my dream of having donut burgers available on every major street in Canada

In what could be a whopper of a deal for Tim Hortons, Burger King is in talks to buy the iconic Canadian company.

A joint statement by the companies says they hope to form a new corporation that would be based in Canada — although they would continue to operate as standalone brands.
New-York based investment fund 3G Capital owns a little over two-thirds of Burger King and is effectively proposing to build a Canadian holding company that would own both chains but operate them independently.
Right now, Burger King is based in Miami; Tim Hortons headquarters are in Oakville, Ont. But the coffee chain only recently returned to its origins as a purely Canadian company. For years, it was owned by U.S. burger chain Wendy's before being spun out in an IPO in 2006.


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