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Monday, August 11, 2014

NDP's Mulcair twists himself into a pretzel while trying to pacify his party's anti-Semitic wing

Hamas, the genocidal, Nazi-like terrorist group that runs Gaza, has been subject to an Israeli blockade for the last 7 years while receiving billions and billions of dollars in United Nations and international aid, to the extent it is one of the largest per capita aid recipients in the world. The abundance of food aid to Gaza is so great that obesity is the most serious dietary issue in the territory.

Despite that, rather than using their funds and energies to build up their economy and try to find peace, Hamas has utilized the aid it has received to build an elaborate tunnel system for the purpose of attacking Israel and accumulated thousands of rockets which it has continually launched indiscriminately at Israeli civilians.

But like the Nazis did in the days preceding World War 2, Hamas also has its enablers and useful idiots in the west.

Though Israel is a liberal democracy seeking peace, and Gaza is ruled by totalitarians who want to kill every Jew in Israel, the mainstream media portrays the Gaza conflict as a battle between morally equivalent parties. The media constantly references the alleged Palestinian grievances in order to prop up that false equivalency. It is in effect the same thing as if during the Second World War, the media had continually showed pictures of dead German children, bemoaned that not all Germans were Nazis, and reminded its audience at every opportunity that the Germans got a raw deal at the Treaty of Versailles decades earlier.  It's also as if, while constantly repeating all the grievances claimed by Nazi Germany,  the media had conveniently neglected to mention that their goal was to obliterate every Jew and anyone it considered inferior it could find, while conquering and subjecting all of Europe, and eventually the world, to its murderous, absolute rule.

So how often do we hear about Hamas' goal to kill every Jew it can find? Or its desire to create the Islamic Caliphate in which apostates and gays will be executed and unbelievers will be forced to convert, pay tribute or die? There are plenty of people in the west who don't want to discuss that openly, and these Hamas enablers of today are no better than the Nazi enablers of 75 years ago.

There are such people motivated by an obsessive, irrational hatred of Jews, and among Canada's mainstream political parties, they have no greater stronghold than within the New Democratic Party of Canada.

NDP party leader Thomas Mulcair is a supporter of Israel, but plenty within his party would like to see the Jews in Israel eradicated. Those that aren't bold enough to actually call for the extermination of Jews have called for boycotts of the Jewish State and some have even tried to pressure NDP donors to cease donations to the party to compel Mulcair into taking a more pro-Hamas line.

Mulcair had issued a statement about Gaza recently that unequivocally condemned Hamas and asserted Israel's right to self-defense, and that created a backlash among the substantial number of his party's Jew-haters.

The extent of that anti-Semitism within the NDP is significant enough so that Mulcair has to tread a fine line between his principles and the despicable bigotry that runs rampant in his party.

It's an impossible balance to maintain and an editorial Mulcair wrote in yesterday's Toronto Star about Gaza demonstrates how it cannot be done with any pretense to logic.

"Israel’s right to defend itself comes with the responsibility to protect civilian lives — and we have criticized the unacceptable number of Palestinian civilian casualties from Israeli Defense Force attacks during this conflict. The horrifying shelling of a United Nations facility sheltering refugees in Gaza was completely unacceptable and a clear violation of that responsibility. "wrote Mulcair.

Absent anywhere from the context of Mulcair's recent moral equivocation is a mention of Hamas' use of civilians as human shields, or how they shell Israel from sites adjacent to those UN facilities. Israel has gone to greater lengths to prevent civilian casualties than any military in history, but as Mulcair should have realized, that's never good enough for those in the NDP seeking the Jewish state's elimination.

Mulcair also wrote in his editorial that, "We pushed for the unimpeded distribution of humanitarian assistance within Gaza and the sustained reopening of border crossing points — in keeping with UN Security Council resolution 1860 (2009). This means an end to the blockade of Gaza, while recognizing Israel’s legitimate security concerns around weapons smuggling and the need for effective international action to address these concerns."

Unattempted by Mulcair is an explanation how that blockade was enacted to prevent terror attacks on Israel from Gaza; terror attacks that have continued in spite of the blockade. So what part, and how are Israel's legitimate security concerns about the genocidal Islamists on its border addressed by removing that blockade and making it easier for them to acquire weapons?

There is, right now, an actual genocide of Kurds, Christians and anyone who isn't a Muslim by Hamas' Islamic State (I.S.) confederates in Iraq right now.  Try finding a statement in the news by the NDP's Mulcair on that. You'll come up empty.

But when it comes to Israel and Jews, where Israel is acting purely from self defense, and is taking extraordinary measures to reduce civilian casualties, Mulcair has issued multiple statements, and has had to go to the lengths of twisting himself into a pretzel in order pacify his party's anti-Semites and terror-enablers. But what he should do is take a truly principled stand, draw the line, and get rid of them. If he has the backbone to do that, it would show that his NDP could be taken seriously as a potential governing party.

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