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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Israel supporters should boycott Ottawa's terra20 stores

Scarlett Johansson in a Sodastream ad
terra20, a two-store outfit in Ottawa that sells eco/organic products announced last week that it will cease to sell Israeli-made Sodastream products because, they say, of "concerns held by a number of individuals and groups with regards to Sodastream operating a production facility in a West Bank settlement."

The "individuals and groups" so described tend to be anti-Semitic and/or virulently anti-Israel, and devoted to the elimination of the Jewish State, but I suppose that would be a minor detail for terra20's corporate leadership. As of the publication of this post, terra20 is still selling Sodastream accessories on its website, since their "ethical stance" evidently doesn't extend to not wanting to maximize its profits on existing stock.

The company is chaired by Steve Kaminski, who is also the Director of Colonade Investments. A media inquiry about the terra20 boycott of Sodastream products led to a number provided which was for Colonade Investments.

The affect of terra20, which has only two outlets, no longer carrying Sodastream will be economically of no significance whatsoever. However, for a desperate BDS campaign against Israel conducted by a variety of demented extremists, even something this minor will come as a psychological victory to them. The bizarre Independent Jewish Voices, a collection of losers, oddball bigots, and emotionally unbalanced creeps, founded by the weird 9-11 conspiracy theorist Diana Ralph, is crowing about the terra20 boycott on its website.

Supporters of the Israel, which is in an ongoing struggle against the terror group Hamas, may wish to return the favor to terra20 and boycott both that company and its parent organization, Colonade Investments, Colonade Develoment, and Colonade Management. It seems there's a reason Colonade Management starts with a Colon.

UPDATE July, 2015: It seems that as of now, the Terra20 anti-Israel boycott has been called off.

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denis miller said...

I guess the best way to let them know I am boycotting them is to spend a long time in the store, ask a lot of questions to show I am interested and when they ask me if I want it wrapped I will have to tell them I will not buy from them while they are boycotting a democracy.