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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rob Ford surges into virtual statistical tie with Tory as Chow campaign collapses

Rob Ford is enjoying a surge in support according to a new opinion poll, narrowing the gap between him and John Tory in Toronto’s mayoral race as the third leading candidate, Olivia Chow, continues to fade.

The new poll by Forum Research suggests Mr. Ford is enjoying levels of support not seen since March of this year.

See also this analysis by Ed Keenan in The Toronto Star. Ed and I don't see everything the same way politically, but he's exceptionally smart, has some tremendous insights, and is a great guy. It makes a good read, even though it's based less in reality than by Ed's wishful thinking that Chow, who has always been unequipped to run an effective mayoral campaign, could make a comeback. 

Also, from a very miserable Toronto Star, "Why Rob Ford will win again"

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