Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A vote-whoring Justin Trudeau can't be bothered to tell his Islamist friends to encourage an end to the slaughter of Christians

With Islamists running rampant in Iraq and Syria, slaughtering and beheading Christians and Zoroastrian Yazidis as well as their co-religionists, and with extremist Muslims in Canada planning the occasional mass-murder plot and funneling money to foreign terrorists, you'd think maybe Justin Trudeau might want to encourage those that practice Islam to be a bit more tolerant.

Naw, of course you didn't think that. After all, this is Prince Bonehead we're talking about. The Liberal Party Leader is more concerned that you might offend someone by calling female genital mutilation "barbaric," or that child-murdering terrorists might feel a little alienated from the rest of us.

So with the tens of thousands of murders of innocents perpetrated right now by Islamists in the middle east, at the Liberal Party's Eid Dinner Monday night, the one conflict that Justin Trudeau chose to address in any detail for his audience was that of Israel's with the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Not that you would have heard either "Hamas" of "terrorists" from Trudeau's mouth, since that might have offended the audience that was evidently sympathetic to terrorists, and not just foreign ones.

As Ezra Levant reported (see video below), the audience at the Liberal Eid dinner booed when Mubin Shaikh was introduced to the crowd. Shaikh was the informant whose information led to the discovery and prevention of an Islamic terror cell attack in Canada. Apparently the moderate Liberal Muslims at Trudeau's Eid dinner were upset that, thanks to Shaikh, the terror attack didn't go ahead as planned.

It is important that Muslims and Jews and all Canadians work together for peace, tolerance and understanding. But the extremists to whom Trudeau is trying to ingratiate himself are playing him for an idiot. Not that playing Justin Trudeau for an idiot is much of a challenge.

As if to prove that he wasn't the only useful idiot in the room, the Liberal Party leader referred to local delicatessen restaurateur Zane Caplansky.  "We need to find inspiration and motivation in the actions of people like Zane Caplansky, a member of the Jewish community, who reached out to sponsor the Toronto Palestine Film Festival in a show of human solidarity," said Trudeau.

Caplansky is a well-intentioned guy, but evidently his knowledge doesn't extend very far beyond how to make a corned beef sandwich.  If Caplansky or Trudeau's handlers had bothered to check exactly what goes on at The Toronto Palestine Film Festival, they would have discovered a celebration of hatred and intolerance peppered heavily with sympathy for terrorism.

Among the festival's features is a "Nakba Commemoration." For those unfamiliar with the term, the "Nakba" is the "catastrophe," of the Arabs' failure to exterminate every Jew in Israel in 1948. The Palestinians could have had their own state then, but instead they, along with five surrounding Arab nations, attempted to seize all the land the United Nations had designated as a Jewish state with the declared intention of driving "all the Jews into the sea."

In the aftermath of the Arabs' defeat, the West Bank was occupied by Jordan and Gaza by Egypt. The two territories now claimed as "occupied" by the Palestinians were never claimed to be occupied when the Jordanians and Egyptians held them, because the dream for the Palestinians was to eliminate the Jews in Israel and take back everything "from the river to the sea." 

With the devastating loss the Arabs suffered in the Six Day War of 1967, that too didn't work out so well for them, but for Hamas and its sympathizers, the dream remains.

So with hundreds of thousands of deaths at the hands of Muslims in the middle east happening right now, Trudeau's Liberal Eid dinner consisted of squishy intellectual pablum with the ambiance of one useful idiot singing the praises of another.

Welcome to the brilliant insights into foreign affairs and multicultural cohesion you can expect from the mind of Justin Trudeau. 

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