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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christie Blatchford: When push comes to shove, isn’t it curious how it’s always about the Jews?

It’s curious, isn’t it, how for some people, when push comes to shove, it’s always about the Jews?
Does anyone believe for a minute that when Amedy Coulibaly, in presumed solidarity with his alleged associates the Charlie Hebdo killers chose to make a grand gesture, he randomly picked a Hyper Cacher supermarket on the eastern edge of Paris?
Hyper Cacher translates to Super Kosher; hours before the Sabbath, it would have been a guaranteed big fat target, packed with those awful criminals, civilian Jews (and perhaps some Muslims too, looking for halal products) engaged in shopping.
As one Jeffrey Goldberg (a correspondent with The Atlantic) Tweeted Friday, “Selling kosher food is a provocative and vulgar act, sure to arouse the hostility of aggrieved extremists.”
Anti-Jew and anti-Israel sentiment is the thrumming subtext to so much of this. Many more Jews than is usual have left France in recent years, for Israel, in the wake of rising anti-Semitism and attacks throughout Europe but notably at a Jewish school in Toulouse three years ago, when three children and a teacher were murdered by a young Muslim man...
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