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Friday, January 16, 2015

OISE Prof who was the architect of Kathleen Wynne's Sex Ed curriculum to plead guilty to child porn charges

Ben Levin, the tenured Ontario Institute for Studies in Education professor who was the architect of the controversial sex ed curriculum introduced by Kathleen Wynne when he was her Deputy Education Minister in the Dalton McGuinty government, will plead guilty to child pornography charges in March, according to the Toronto Sun.

The Sex Education curriculum shepherded in by Wynne and Levin was withdrawn by Dalton McGuinty after an outcry from parents across the province due to its hyper-sexual nature and its introduction of graphic sex acts to children at an extremely young age.

Kathleen Wynnn, who has since become Premier of Ontario, has said she plans to reintroduce much of what has been called "Ben Levin's kiddie porn curriculum" into Ontario schools.
TORONTO - Dr. Benjamin Levin will plead guilty on March 3 to some of the child pornography-related charges, court heard Friday....He is alleged to have authored graphic child porn and counselled someone online on how to commit a sexual assault on a child.
Levin has lectured around the world and has been an advisor to several high-ranking Liberals...


Anonymous said...

Richard, do you know what time on March 3rd Ben Levin will be in court to plead guilty to some of the charges? Thanks.

Richard K said...

I won't be able to find out until after 4:30 pm on March 2 - at which point this website will let you know


Maria said...

Do you or any of your readers know if Ben Levin was a product of The Kinsey Institute?