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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

“Insults in general are not allowed for anyone" say Saskatoon Islamic idiots who want Sharia free speech restrictions for Canada

And special thanks to Pope Francis for giving incredibly stupid support to these Islamo-fascists:

SASKATOON – Some members of Saskatoon’s Muslim community say there is no true right to free speech. Holding signs that said “Freedom of speech has limits” and “Insults aren’t freedom of speech,” the group rallied Sunday outside of city hall.
While they say they condemn the recent attack in Paris against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for publishing depictions of the prophet Muhammad, rally-goers said the magazine’s cartoons went too far.
“We have to stop it, and we have to come to an intellectual debate,” said organizer Mustafa Mustaan.
“Whoever defends this insult has to know that they are accepting intellectual defeat because we, as human beings, are not to insult, but to intellectually debate each other.”
The group says Islam continues to face an unfair onslaught of insults daily.
h/t Kathy S

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