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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Let's see if Elizabeth May is telling the truth about submitting petitions she doesn't agree with to Parliament

The Canadian Green Party's leader and sole MP Elizabeth May caught flack for introducing a 9-11 conspiracy theory petition in the House of Commons earlier this week. It was only after people pointed out how batshit crazy the petition she read out was that she has been saying that she didn't agree with it, but was only doing her duty as a parliamentarian to provide representation for different viewpoints.

This isn't time an MP introduced an insane 9-11 conspiracy petition in Parliament. In 2008, the NDP's Deputy Leader, "Loony" Libby Davies introduced much the same thing. But in Davies' case, she  didn't deny that she disagreed with it and her introduction to the petition, and her consistent idiocy suggests she could indeed be a "9-11 Troofer."

But May isn't quite the extremist that Davies is, at least not consistently, and is aware of the need to maintain some credibility.

Oddly enough, I haven't heard of any pro-Keystone or Line 9 pipeline petitions introduced by May, but let's leave that aside for now and test May's assertion.  I've created a petition, much more reasonable than the insane 9-11 conspiracy one she read in Parliament, calling for a change to the Canada Elections Act to allow cats to serve as Members of Parliament.

If we get to the signature threshold, I'll send it to Ms May and we'll see what happens then.

You can sign the petition HERE

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