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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dilbert creator Scott Adams (ironically) endorses Hillary Clinton for his personal safety

I've been reading some of the stuff on Scott Adams'  (the guy who created the  "Dilbert" comic) blog about his opinion of Trump's methods and it's really quite interesting. Adams has been pissing off a lot of lefties and Democrats for predicting Trump will win in a landslide and praising his technique of persuasion.

This one called "Clown Genius" is quite good, and keep in mind Adams wrote it back in August 2015, almost a year ago, and it was very prescient.  

If Adams is right, and he's persuaded me that he's at least got some insight into things, then Trump's attacking the media like no other national politician has before falls into the plan. The media is obviously going to be highly critical of Trump, much more than Clinton, both for the obvious reason that there is plenty of crazy talk that comes out of Trump's mouth, but also because of the inherent leftist bias in most mainstream media. So Trump repeating that the media are sleazy, that they are liars, that they can't be trusted, and pointing out some of the errors and biases of specific reporters is not just lashing out, but part of a thought-out plan to neutralize media criticism by instilling distrust of them. To an extent, it's working, because a number of the subjects of those attacks by Trump have had to go on the defensive to try to establish their criticism isn't based on bias but them "just doing their job."
...If Clinton successfully pairs Trump with Hitler in your mind – as she is doing – and loses anyway, about a quarter of the country will think it is morally justified to assassinate their own leader. I too would feel that way if an actual Hitler came to power in this country. I would join the resistance and try to take out the Hitler-like leader. You should do the same. No one wants an actual President Hitler.
So I’ve decided to endorse Hillary Clinton for President, for my personal safety. Trump supporters don’t have any bad feelings about patriotic Americans such as myself, so I’ll be safe from that crowd. But Clinton supporters have convinced me – and here I am being 100% serious – that my safety is at risk if I am seen as supportive of Trump. So I’m taking the safe way out and endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.
As I have often said, I have no psychic powers and I don’t know which candidate would be the best president. But I do know which outcome is most likely to get me killed by my fellow citizens. So for safety reason, I’m on team Clinton...

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