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Monday, March 6, 2017

Orwell's 1984 doesn't explain Trump, but it does reflect the mindset of idiot communist "antifa" protesters

Lots of people have taken to reading 1984 since Trump's election, supposedly to 'understand' his presidency. If someone's an adult and is just getting around to reading 1984 now, that's a bad enough sign, but thinking it explains Trump makes that person an idiot. His presidency isn't characterized by state surveillance of individuals, elimination of individual rights, and a repressive state that suppresses all criticism of its leaders. The massive protests in America prove that Trump isn't doing what communists say his is.
However there are features of the current political climate that 1984 does reflect. Although they aren't so much elements of a dystopian future as much as they were Orwell's observations about communists of his day. Part of it was the cultish stupidity and the need to create enemies to hysterically vilify in service of the cause.
Greg Renouf, a Toronto-based independent journalist, is neither a white supremacist nor a fascist; not in any way. Yet the self-described "antifascists" attacking him are themselves practicing fascism; using violence and intimidation to silence their political opposition. Local communist-aligned groups fear and hate Renouf because he has done a considerable amount of work in exposing them.
We can see that and the political dementia Orwell described in the local communists' deranged attacks on Greg while mindlessly shrieking chants in the video below. The video was taken this last weekend while he was covering the protests for and against a Canadian Parliamentary Motion which condemned Islamophobia. 

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Anonymous said...

Attention SJWs, the guest speakers will be commencing their talks in ten minutes. Milo Yianopolous will open, followed by Gavin McInnes, Robert Spencer, Ben Shapiro and then the final speaker will be President Donald J Trump, in Room 101. That's Room 101, and we need every SJW there to show them our answer to their fascist question, "How many fingers do you see?"