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Monday, April 17, 2017

Muslim panel leads fight against Motion 103

“The real threat to Canada is not Islamophobia, it is radical Islam and Islamofascism,” said Muslim activist and panel member Asif Javaid, at a groundbreaking event that brought Muslims together who oppose a Liberal MP’s motion to condemn Islamophobia. They packed the hall in a Mississauga venue.
The motion passed in Parliament in March and many there fear it will lead to a bill that would muzzle free speech and be a slippery slope to Sharia law. In a statement on the flyer advertising the event, it states, “On April 9, join Muslims Against M103 to protest the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami agenda in Canada’s highest corridors of power, the House of Commons.”

Broadcaster Tahir Gora was concerned about the mixing of politics with religion. “Most politicians supported it for their short term political gains. They can’t understand the magnitude of damage that Muslims in Canada would face.”

A impassioned Tarek Fatah, columnist and author, proclaimed, “The target of this M 103 has been Muslims who stand up to the jihadi agenda and fight for Canada’s treasured institution of freedom of speech that this initiative tries to stifle.” Because of his unbridled criticism of Islam, he has a bounty of one million rupees on his head in Pakistan.

Furthermore, they agreed, there will be a backlash of segregation and polarization of Muslims , which will incur more discrimination and more violence. “Please don’t politicize our faith. Please don’t segregate Muslims,” Javaid pleaded.

Dismissing Islamophobia as a “myth” they pointed out that there are eleven Muslim MP’s sitting in Parliament – the highest ever. The Minister of Immigration is a black Muslim. The highest number of refugees coming to Canada are Muslim.

“They don’t want to go to Muslim countries. The real enemy of Muslims are Muslims”, said Fatah. “They have been killing each other since the Prophet died. No Muslim wants to seek refuge in a Muslim country.”...

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