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Monday, April 3, 2017

Will the Trump Administration reverse Obama's Title IX Madness?

The Title IX regulations brought into effect by the Obama Administration have created embarrassment after embarrassment, and turned Universities into kangaroo courts ruling on sexual harassment charges which they are completely unqualified to adjudicate. 

The result has been chaos, unjustly destroyed lives and many lawsuits.
...In the spring of 2014, Yale convened a hearing panel to consider a formal complaint filed against this young man by a female classmate. In accordance with the Obama administration’s sweeping reinvention of Title IX in an April 2011 directive, Yale restricted Doe’s due process rights. In early June, the panel determined that Doe engaged in sexual intercourse with the complainant without her consent—a statutory definition of rape—and should be suspended for two semesters. That is a serious punishment carrying lifelong consequences but outlandishly lenient for so grave an offense.

After the panel issued its findings, Yale Law School Professor Jed Rubenfeld agreed to serve as Doe’s adviser. A leading scholar of constitutional law, privacy, the First Amendment, and criminal law, Rubenfeld wrote a detailed letter on June 11 to then-Dean of Yale College Mary Miller, a professor of art history, before she issued her decision based on the panel’s findings. Rubenfeld advised Miller that Yale’s handling of Doe’s case exposed the university to “potential legal liability as well as detriment to Yale’s ongoing efforts both to deal with the very real problem of sexual assault on campus and to respond fairly and effectively to claims of sexual misconduct.”

Yale’s fact-finder, Yale’s hearing panel, as well as both the complainant and Doe agreed to the “core facts,”...

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