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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jonathan Kay on the tyranny of Twitter: How mob censure is changing the intellectual landscape

...In May, when a CBC manager was accused of posting an insulting Tweet in regard to cultural appropriation, he was not only attacked on Twitter, but also, days later, in a CBC meeting room. Corporate brass convened not one, but two public shaming sessions where the man was made to sit shame-faced, for several hours, as his colleagues described the psychic pain wrought by his single tweet. (The manager had asked to perform his apologies personally, in private. This request was denied.) The unsettling similarity to a Soviet confession ritual was unmistakable. And this sort of spectacle would have been seen as completely beyond the pale just a few years ago. Thanks to the influence of Twitter, pre-scheduled mobbing sessions have become a normalized part of the human-resources toolkit at our national broadcaster...

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