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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Matthew Lau: Our great green re-education is being led by the very worst politicians possible

H.L. Mencken famously observed that “the urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” So Canadians should have sat up with alarm – for both their wallets and their freedom – after hearing Catherine McKenna, the federal minister of environment and climate change, declare on Twitter recently that after meeting Pope Francis, they had “agreed to work together to save our (planet)” (she actually used an emoji of the Earth).
It is, of course, our money that she will be using for her green-spirited crusade, our lives that she wants to re-organize, and our minds she wants to re-educate. Her plan to make us all believe in climate religion as faithfully as she does was made plain by her recent endorsement of a campaign that invites churches to make climate activism the focus of their sermons, prayers, hymns, and Bible studies.
McKenna clearly imagines herself Canada’s climate saviour. But she has competition: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s messianic zeal in leading her provincial flock to a carbonless New Jerusalem may well exceed even McKenna’s call to turn churches into climate shrines. Not satisfied with requiring Ontarians to dig deep into their paycheques in the name of spreading green power, the Wynne government is now accepting applications for a new “Low-Carbon Grant.”
David Suzuki wannabes, Al Gore disciples, and left-wing social engineers are invited to apply to receive up to $200,000 to support ideas to “accelerate the adoption of low-carbon choices.” Specifically, the grants will be given to those who can “help Ontarians understand how their actions contribute to climate change; identify and remove barriers to behaviour change; motivate Ontarians to make low-carbon choices; and evaluate behaviour-based approaches to achieving greenhouse gas emissions reductions.” One project example provided by the government was offering “interactive theatre productions and workshops across the country to engage young people in climate change at an early age and influence habits.”...

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