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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Every day is a Day of Rage for pro-terrorist, anti-Israel protesters in Toronto

They're really, really furious with Israel, but too worried about revealing how idiotic they are to speak to The Rebel's David Menzies:


Rohan said...

Interesting how the Rebel edited the interview with the Indian guy at the end in order to remove any criticism of Israel. The Rebel is a propaganda outlet that selectively edits its footage to fit its narrative. Why would anyone talk to them?

Richard K said...

What's really interesting is leftist and pro-Islamist cognitive dissonance.

All media edits those types of interviews.

The supposed reason leftist and anti-Israel Islamist numbskulls are terrified of speaking to The Rebel is that they will be 'edited' to make them look like idiots. Having spoken to enough of them, it's clear it's not necessary for The Rebel to do anything to make the far-left look any more stupid then they make themselves look on their own.

Proof in point, that "Indian guy" who was prepared to have a reasonable dialogue came across as more sane and balanced than any of the idiotic anti-Israel fanatics who, afraid to speak with Menzies, hassled and then ran away from him.

Rohan said...

And because he came across as sane and balanced, Menzies edited out the criticisms he made of Israel.

Richard K said...

The person's participation at an anti-Israel jamboree would suggest criticism of Israel. He's clearly saying Canada's support for Israel doesn't serve Canada's interests, which, for anyone who knows about about Canadian security policy, cooperation and interests is easily refutable. What your cognitive dissonance prevents you from appreciating is that if Menzies' mission was to portray all of you as complete loons and fanatics, he wouldn't have included that interview at all.

But as you're implying you were there, why don't you fill in the gap and recount what he had to say on the subject.

Not my monkeys said...

Why can't you see that Menzies edited his video to remove any cogent criticism thus proving the point of people who refuse to talk to him? Rebel isnt a news outlet, it's a propaganda outlet.

Richard K said...

The guy came across as sane and reasonable.

I thought the reason that you nutcases don't want to talk to The Rebel is because they supposedly edit material to make you look like unreasonable mental cases.

You should make up your mind.