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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Racism and antisemitism from Canada's Alt-Left "progressive" rabble.ca

It promotes Marxism conferences, Hitler-admiring antisemites, and publishes pro-Leninist articles.

It promotes singling out Jews as the only ethno-national group in the world who should not have national self-determination through its entrenched editorial policy and status as "official media partner" of antisemitic "Israeli Apartheid Week."

It survives only through funding from radical union leaders throwing money at it and it's the go-to place for Alt-Left news and opinion.

It's also racist and antisemitic. It's rabble.ca.

Rabble has a long history of odiousness, so today is no surprise, but it is blatant.

In an anti-Israel article by a fanatic named Yves Engler, rabble had to include the addendum:
Note: The original version of this piece stated that "younger and darker NDP members/sympathizers  largely oppose the current NDP leadership's de facto support for Israeli expansionism/belligerence." This has been changed to "younger NDP members of colour." We apologize for the oversight.
These are Canada's alt-Left racist "ant-racists."


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