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Friday, August 1, 2014

Sandra Fluke hopes to buy a State Senate seat with all the money she must have saved from not having vaginal sex

Sandra Fluke – the feminist attorney who in 2012 claimed she couldn’t afford the $9 monthly cost of birth control pills and has said taxpayers should pay for it – is loaning her own legislative campaign a hefty sum of $100,000.
Fluke’s $100,000 cash infusion could, in fact, fund 11,111 months’ – or 925 years’ – supply of generic birth-control pills from suppliers such as Walmart or Target.

h/t Kathy S.


Skippy Stalin said...

I don't remember her actually saying that the taxpayer should foot the bill for her fuck pills, rather that they should have been covered by her insurance at Georgetown, but whatever.

And if she's gone all anal, all the time, that's as good a reason to vote for someone these days.

Richard K said...

Hey, no one's more in favor of birth control than I am, especially for Democrats.

But you have to admit there was something fishy (I'm pretty sure I didn't mean that as a pun when I wrote it) about her claim she couldn't afford the $9 birth control. Particularly now that she can self-finance a State Senate campaign a short time later. I mean, she couldn't have been trying to be the Rosa Parks of contraception could she?

Skippy Stalin said...

Sure, she saw an issue and ran with it. Of course, it's not like we never do that.

I'm as open as anyone can be to the argument, but when we start making shit up (like she wants taxpayers footing the bill,) it undermines our credibility more than it does theirs.

Nobody takes an analogy to crazier lengths than I do, but my underlying facts are usually there before I go off on a tangent.

Worse, she's only exploiting loopholes in campaign finance law that we wanted there in the first place.

Romney's 2008 campaign is a great example of that. First, he screws the taxpayer with his scam of a deferred interest tax rate, loans his own campaign $40 million, and when he finally gets humiliated by John McCain and Mike Huckabee .... he writes off the fucking loan. ON top of that, I think he actually qualified for federal matching money.

And conservatives were fine with that. Shit, some of us applauded it as "smart."

Richard K said...

Yeah, I don't know how that piece I quoted came up with the "taxpayers should pay for it" part. Her testimony of "emotional distress" of not having her insurer pay for it was funny enough on its own.

Skippy Stalin said...

First, because it's World Net Daily, which is the home of the Birthers and the Weekly World News of politics.

Second, and most disturbing, it's reflective of one of the more disturbing tactics that we borrowed from the Left; lying and hoping that the echo chamber picks it up before we can be called on it.

Except that hasn't worked out all that well electorally.

This is sort of what happens when DJs become the intellectual force of a poltical movement.