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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The west and the UN are ignoring a genocide of Iraq's Yazidi

Because, as usual, when Islamists commit genocide, the United Nations turns the other way.

In this case, a homicidal, genocidal Islamist state is being created over the thousands of corpses of innocents. Meanwhile, Obama dithers with his thumb up his ass, doing nothing more than dropping some CARE packages to the Yazidis, and focusing his moral equivocation on Israel and Gaza.

“...In one day, they killed more than two thousand Yazidi in Sinjar, and the whole world says, ‘Save Gaza, save Gaza.’ ”
Yesterday, a senior U.S. official told me that the Obama Administration is contemplating an airlift, co√∂rdinated with the United Nations, of humanitarian supplies by C-130 transport planes to the Yazidis hiding in the Sinjar mountains. There are at least twenty thousand and perhaps as many as a hundred thousand of them, including some peshmerga militiamen providing a thin cover of protection.  The U.N. has reported that dozens of children have died of thirst in the heat...

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