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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

David Letterman laughs at Jihadis

David Letterman was threatened with death by a Muslim jihadi and responded with humor:

Letterman's Top 10 thoughts about hearing his life was threatened:

10. Someone wants to silence me? Get in line.
9. Nothing says summer fun like a death threat.
8. Why is the staff in such a good mood?
7. Save me, Oprah.
6. Should I wear my Kevlar hairpiece?
5. And here I thought nobody watched the show.
4. How can someone be so angry at a time when Kim Kardashian is so happy?
3. Some people get Emmy nominations; some people get death threats.
2. This seems like (Jay) Leno’s handiwork.
1. Oh my God! They canceled the George Lopez Show

h/t The Blaze

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