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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The racism of the Social Justice Wankers war on so-called Cultural Appropriation

Humanity has advanced by cultures interacting with each other, learning from each other and using, or appropriating if you will, cultural elements that appeal from one culture to others.

Have some groups been and are still the victims of racism? Absolutely. But cultural genocide entails eradicating and censoring the cultural expression of a group of people, not by expanding it through use in mainstream culture.

Claiming that particular ethnic groups have an exclusive right to a human development is inherently racist, and through the exclusivity of denying anyone to so-called "Cultural Appropriation," the hypocritical mobs of Social Justice Wankers are demonstrating their usual stupid racism.

I understand that my buddy Jon Kay just resigned his post as Editor-In-Chief of The Walrus Magazine as a result of the backlash about this.

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