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Monday, May 29, 2017

What will Ontario's government do about the overt anti-Semitism at Ryerson University?

Programs in Ontario universities, outside of those withing the pure sciences, have become immersed in a depraved, neo-Marxist ideology that is infused with overt antisemitism. Social Work, which is supposed to be a field that supports people in need is one of the worst examples.

At The University of Toronto, a professor named Rupaleem Bhuyan, who espoused antisemitism and facilitated a reprehensible "Jew count" in her class, was rewarded with career advancement while her critics were driven out of the Social Work Department.

Now at Ryerson University, a Social Work Placement Coordinator has determined that denying the Jewish people a right to national self-determination is one of the "values" of Social Work. Ryerson has decided that denying rights to Jews that they would accord to people of other religions is the new "Social Justice."

The vacuous depravity of Social Sciences in Ontario's schools needs to come to an end now.


All Ryerson social work grad Rebecca Katzman wanted was to do her third-year placement at one of two respected Toronto Jewish organizations with a track record of addressing social justice issues.

The 22-year-old, who will graduate with her Bachelor of Social Work degree on June 8, said her desire to be placed at either the Prosserman Jewish Community Centre (JCC) or the United Jewish Appeal (UJA) was “sparked” by a combination of actions at Ryerson — among them the anti-Semitism she experienced on campus.

However, she wasn’t prepared in the slightest for what happened with her third-year placement coordinator in the faculty of social work, Heather Bain.

After making it clear to Bain about her preferred placement, Katzman said the field coordinator advised her in an e-mail in late August of 2015 she did not follow up with the JCC or UJA because their values appeared to be “in opposition” to the values of the School of Social Work.

Bain listed those values as the advancement of anti-oppression; anti-racism; anti-colonialism and decolonization; feminism; anti-capitalism; Queer and trans liberation struggles; issues in disability and madness (cct); among others (many of which are not listed on the school’s own website.)

“My understanding is both agencies have a strong anti-Palestinian lean,” Bain continued, suggesting that if Katzman agreed to bring a “critical awareness” (of Palestinian solidarity movements) to either agency she might reconsider.

While the two agencies where Katzman wanted to be placed are known to be pro-Israel, she said their websites do not indicate any anti-Palestinian policies in the slightest.

Katzman, who waited until she was ready to graduate to tell her story for fear of retaliation from the faculty, said she was devastated by Bain’s e-mail.

“I felt targeted as a Jewish student,” she said, noting she’s coming forward because she wants the university to investigate as well as a public apology.

When she challenged Bain about her contentions, the field placement officer responded on Aug. 25, 2015 that she consulted with Jewish colleagues who are part of “Jews Against Israeli Apartheid movements” before making her decision not to pursue those placements...

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