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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Even the pathologically anti-Israel Toronto Star hints that "pro-Palestinians" hate Canada

Showing solidarity with "starving" Gazans, who have one of the world's highest obesity rates

It had to be oblique, of course. The Toronto al Starzeera's editorialists consist of pathological Israel-haters like Tony Berman, Linda McQuaig, Heather Mallick, Haroon Siddiqui, Rick Salutin, etc and even what is supposedly "straight-up" reporting in that rag usually reflects their extreme biases. So they would never tell you the truth about the blatant hatred for Canada, the overt support for terrorism, and vicious anti-Semitism that is a regular feature of "pro-Palestinian" activism in Canada.

But it's Sunday, and one of al Starzeera's weekend reporters did slip in something that is very telling, and very typical of pro and anti-Israel demonstrations - the people who are pro-Israel are also pro-Canada, while the leftist anti-Semites and bloodthirsty Islamists, who make up the entirety of the anti-Israel protests, hate Canada too:
...Brandishing Canadian flags and placards calling to free Gaza from Hamas, the pro-Israeli contingent stood on the north side, in front of the Israeli consulate, and played Bob Marley over the loudspeakers... 

... On the south side, in front of the Royal Ontario Museum, the pro-Palestinian contingent waved “end the siege” placards and Israeli flags with the word terrorist spray painted across the Star of David...

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