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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saudi-funded, pro-Gaddafi, Nazi-loving, "Human Rights Watch" condemns Canada's Foreign Minister Baird

The so-called "Human Rights Watch" is a group that gets money from a similar icon of "Human Rights," Saudi Arabia.

One of their top officials, who happens to be anti-Israel, just by coincidence I'm sure, is a Nazi aficionado.

And best of all, they were boosters of that other "Human Rights" paradise, Libya's Gaddafi regime.

But they do hate the pro-western, liberal democracy of Israel, and they are now condemning Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

And The Globe and Mail, as our "unbiased" Canadian mainstream media so often does, credulously promoted that without an iota of context or research.

(Update) PLUS,  as an indication of where The Globe and Mail is these days, see "Omar Khadr is a good kid"

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

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