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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Interview with the Canadian lawyer representing plaintiff in "Sea Hitler" law suit

Canada has designated Hamas, the "Islamic Resistance Movement" in Gaza, as a terrorist organization and it is a criminal offense in Canada to provide aid to terrorists.

Why then are Canadians allowed to launch an effort to provide Hamas terrorists with material aid without facing prosecution in the Canadian courts?

This is a question effectively being asked by a law suit just launched against "Turtle Island Humanitarian Aid" and the Montreal-based activist organization Alternatives International which has become notorious as a recipient of taxpayer money while working for an agenda that conflicts with Canada's foreign policy goals.

Cherna Rosenberg is a Canadian citizen who divides her time between Israel and Canada. She is the plaintiff in a million dollar law suit against the Canadian organizers of a boat meant to challenge Israel's arms embargo of Hamas-ruled Gaza.

Her suit alleges that she suffered trauma from Hamas' ongoing rocket bombardment of the Israeli town of Sderot, where she maintains a residence and that the purpose of the Canadian Gaza boat which its organizers have called ' Tahrir' and its opponents have dubbed "The Sea Hitler" is "to aid and abet the terrorist organization that rules Gaza."

Ms Rosenberg is represented by Neal Sher, who was the head of the US Justice Department's Nazi prosecution office, and Toronto lawyer Ed Morgan.  In addition to the claim of damages, they are seeking an immediate injunction against the defendants' raising funds, acquiring supplies and renting or purchasing a vessel for the purpose of delivering foods or funds to the Gaza strip.

"The suit is based on a principle established by the US Supreme Court" said Ed Morgan. "Even if  their stated goal of delivering humanitarian aid is true, it is likely to be controlled by a terror organization and in any case, it then frees up other funds and resources for them to be able to use for terrorist attacks."

Israel's sea blockade of Gaza is designed to prevent arms shipments to Gaza, which is ruled by an organization whose charter explicitly calls for the destruction of Israel, as well as the killing of Jews and allegations of international conspiracies by Zionists and Freemasons and the Rotary Club. The supporters of the effort to break the blockade, such as participant David Heap, a radical activist and University of Western Ontario French instructor, have acknowledged that their ostensible purpose of delivering aid is secondary to the political statement they hope to achieve.

According to Mr. Morgan, Alternatives International has not yet responded to the statement of claim.   Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney's office has received a number of calls demanding the immediate defunding of that organization as well as calls for it to reimburse the Treasury for the funds it received.

The Conservative government and the Liberal Party have been unequivocal in its condemnation of the radical activists who are launching the effort to disrupt Israel's ability to prevent Iranian arms shipments. The opposition NDP's position remains conflicted and unclear. NDP Leader Jack Layton and Foreign Affiars Critic Thomas Mulcair have stated they oppose the new Gaza flotilla attempt, but NDP MPs Alex Atamanenko and Alexandre Boulerice have endorsed it without their party superiors taking any disciplinary action or requiring their retraction. NDP Health Critic Libby Davies stirred up her own trouble for the NDP with statements on Israel almost exactly a year ago by effectively challenging Israel's right to exist and expressing her support for the boycott, sanctions and divestment movement against the middle east's only democracy. Davies' spouse, Kim Elliott is the publisher of the anti-Israel website rabble.ca, which routinely refers to Israel as an "apartheid" state and echoes Davies' boycott advocacy.

h/t Blazing Cat Fur & The Jewish Tribune

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I'm curious as to why the following have not been sued:

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