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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toronto Islamic conference to feature homophobic, anti-Semitic, Christian-hating speakers

Lucky Toronto!

The Islamic Journey of Faith Conference is set to coincide with Pride weekend!

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has no plans to attend that either, and probably a good thing.

This convention of hateful bigots features speakers like Bilal Philips who calls homosexuality "a threat to society as a whole"  and compares being Gay to pedophilia and incest:

And here are some of Philips' other interesting views from his own website:

On Jews: "They are misguided human beings who need Islam and we must treat them in this way."

On Christianity: "All that we are certain of is that the crucifixion of Jesus did not take place, as Allah said, "he was not crucified"

On marriage:"To deny the validity and legality of polygyny is tantamount to denying the comprehensiveness of the Islamic marriage system and the wisdom of the divine decree."

Or how about Abdur Raheem Green who said: "The Jews and the Christians have taken their priests and their rabbis as gods beside Allah."

Or  how about this charmer, who is on the speakers' list?

Or Abu Usamah Atthahabi who FOX News reported has al Qaida links and calls for the "crucifixion of the kuffar" (the kuffar would be any non-Muslim).

Or this genius that argues for arranged Muslim marriage: "marriages that begin with emotions usually end in divorce."

The list goes on...and on... and on....it's like a miscreant convention...

The mainstream press like the Toronto Star and Globe can't be bothered to report about it, because it might take away from the space they need to bash Rob Ford for wanting to spend a long weekend at the cottage.

The lack of protest by the usual suspect groups like Queers Against Israeli Apartheid that only seem to be focused on what Israel does, creates even more of an appearance that they too are motivated by anti-Semitism and not social justice.

UPDATE: Looks like the Star finally got the message and published this

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