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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bizarre Baylor prof accused of sexual harrassment to give anti-Israel speeches in Canada

Baylor University's Marc Ellis is a very strange man indeed. Ellis' supporters,and reportedly he himself  claims he has a "prophetic voice." Whether that was the voice he used during his alleged sexual harassment of one of his graduate students remain unknown. What is known is that he is currently undergoing dismissal proceedings at Baylor.

Ellis, a Jew whose anti-Semitic statements like "Put simply, "Jewish" has taken on an imperial and colonial flavor" are more suggestive of his being a prophet of Karl Marx than Jehovah. "The great exemplar of social justice" are the actual words Ellis has used to describe the author of The Communist Manifesto.

An anti-Israel group calling itself  The Near East Cultural and Educational Foundation of Canada is presenting this anti-Semitic Jew on a 3 city lecture tour next week on Canadian universities with endorsements from the usual cast of Jew-hating, terror-supporting suspects.

Maybe his tiny audience will get to hear some "prophetic" comments about the article from New York Magazine regarding his alleged gross abuse of authority:

The details of the charges against Ellis have not been fully disclosed, but the events under investigation date back nearly a decade, to when the complaining witness was Ellis's graduate assistant, a fortysomething Ph.D. student who became a “close friend of Marc’s," as Ellis's lawyer, Roger Sanders, puts it. After completing her Ph.D., the woman came aboard as a Baylor faculty member. According to a letter sent to Starr by the American Association of University Professors, in March 2011 the woman filed an EEOC complaint of sexual harassment against Ellis.


Anonymous said...

Presumably the facts will come out, but it sounds like it might well be a bogus charge. Did she really wait a decade before lodging her complaint?

"Oh, but you don't understand how thing were in the early 2000s. Women were afraid to speak out. The Xtian patriarchy ran everything, no one had heard of human rights, people just laughed at feminism..."



Richard K said...

I`m always a bit suspicious of people who can`t bring themselves to write `Christian``and feel they have to replace the first syllable with an `X

K'Shoshana said...

You might be suspicious of those writing "xian" but when I see it, its almost a guarantee the writer is Jewish and observant.

Richard K said...

I'm aware of that K'Shoshana, but that kind of manifestation of religious practice suggests certain limitations of intellectual development.