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Friday, March 9, 2012

Idiotic Jewish Voices (IJV) are out to demonize the NDP's Thomas Mulcair

Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), a group comprised mainly of emotionally unstable Jewish radicals whose primary purpose appears to be to dispel the stereotype that all Jews are smart, is outraged, outraged that supporters of Israel are geting behind the NDP leadership bid of Thomas Mulcair.

They are a single-issue group of Jews whose only clear goal is to vilify the Jewish state and anyone who doesn't want it destroyed.

Members of this organization that has aligned itself with anti-Semitic forces from Iran and the Muslim middle east who want to eradicate the Jewish presence in Jerusalem, object to being called self-hating Jews. While as a matter of accuracy, they are right to object to it. They aren't self-hating, it's other Jews that they hate. But that's just another demonstration of their deficiencies. The bigots of IJV, had they the capacity for intelligent self-reflection, should hate themselves, yet they have too little insight for that to be likely.

The membership of this group of privileged, aged Marxists is engaged in a desperate search for relevance and meaning in their worthless lives. I have seem members of that group become literally apoplectic when their prejudice and ignorance was challenged by simple questions of fact by a Toronto City Councilor. The tunnel-minded members of IJV who continually congratulate themselves on their supposed "critical thinking" skills are only comfortable speaking unchallenged to like-minded souls. They are intellectually unequipped for anything else.

So indeed, rather than self hate, they should consider self-pity. They would excel at that, since they are already trying to paint themselves as martyrs who are being robbed of free speech merely by their being criticized. That is more evidence of their dearth of insight. Criticism is not deprivation of free speech. If they really want to understand what deprivation of free speech is, they have only to look at their allies who support the tyrannies of Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, who do not criticize people for  saying something they find objectionable, they kill them for it.

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