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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Empty-headed McGill University "Equity Officer" censors pro-Israel group while sanctioning "apartheid" lie

Barbara Kay wrote in the National Post of a gross abuse of authority by an anti-Israel bigot embedded in the "Equity Committee" of McGill University's radical Student Society, which has the ability to impose its will on other student groups:

Perhaps it was disgruntlement over IAW’s lacklustre performance in 2012 that motivated an aggrieved student (supposedly anonymous, but some clues point to a well-known IAW activist) to formally complain to McGill’s student-society Equity Committee about the mildly satiric title of a recently held fundraising event for McGill Students for Israel (MSFI) — “Israel: A Party.”

In fact, an Equity Committee Officer already had directed MSFI to change the title, threatening, by email, “possible consequences such as suspension of club status” if they refused. Her rationale was that even such gentle mockery trivialized the word “apartheid” and the experiences of many of the world’s oppressed people, citing as well the indignation of “various colleagues and personal friends” regarding Israel’s oppression of Palestinians.

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