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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Olivia Chow" becomes national shorthand for political failure

I wish I could take credit for the headline above, but I stole it from my friend, war-room director, and drinking buddy Skippy Stalin.

From National Post:

Robyn Urback: Could the ‘Olivia Chow effect’ trip up Justin Trudeau?

...In a column last month, my colleague Matt Gurney offered an excellent explanation as to the phenomenal letdown that has been the Olivia Chow mayoral campaign. Gurney noted that Chow had launched her bid to become mayor on the heels of the release of her memoir, My Journey, and after a high-profile eight-year stint as a federal MP. Gurney also noted, correctly, that she had inherited much of the goodwill felt toward her late husband, Jack Layton, who passed away at the height of his political career. More than just a successful politician, Layton was a charismatic Canadian with an impeccable ability to captivate a room, and some of that allure, naturally, was transposed onto Chow.

And then she ran for mayor...

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